Rainbow Hair For CCFA

fun fundraising idea Rainbow Hair For CCFA


Kristina here!

Once we hit the goal of over $500, it was time to get rolling on this rainbow hair of mine. However, what colors were going in my head wasn't up to me! Each contributor was emailed with a poll to choose their top five colors to plop in my curly locks.

In the end the colors pink, purple, blue, turquoise, and green won out. So essentially, I was to become a mermaid. I was okay with this. The first step was to get my hair cut, because like hell was I going to run around with a giant mop of hair in the deserts of Asia. So off went half my hair. And then the bleaching. Oh the bleaching. My hair didn't want to bleach. It took three hours to bleach this sucker, but in the end I had platinum blonde locks ready for color. After a week of letting my hair rest so it wouldn't crumble off my head, the colors were bought, prepped, and painted into my hair by Sora's lovely sister. And voila!

Rainbow Hair For CCFA

UPDATE ON JULY 2ND: And the Rainbow Hair for CCFA results are in! After contributors voted, it has been decided that Kristina's hair will be pink, green, blue, turquoise, and purple! Essentially, she will be a mermaid. Dyeing will commence on July 6th when she and Sora meet up! Thanks to all who contributed! Can't wait to see how it'll look!


Sora has Crohn's disease. When we were thinking of a charity to support for The Mongol Rally, there was no debate. This is for her Xx.

I, Kristina, love dying my hair crazy colors. I've had everything from neon orange to black to lavender. And I was thinking, I should dye my hair for the Mongol Rally... but what color? And then a friend suggested I dye my hair a load of colors for charity as a fundraiser, and you all get to choose what color(s)! So here we are... for every $100 raised, I will dye my hair another color.

100% of these donations will go to the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America!!

So here it goes, for every $100 raised, I'll add a color. So $200 = 2 color, $500 = 5 colors, etc.

On July 1st, I will stop this challenge and dye my hair based on the money raised. I'll email everyone who had donated and you can vote via a poll on the colors I'll put in my hair!




This FUNraiser is completed and no longer accepting donations

Pledges From

Donor avatar Carla Coupe $100.00
Donor avatar Mickey Fromkin $80.00
Donor avatar susan $75.00
Donor avatar Mickey Fromkin $70.00
Donor avatar Ariana L Maher $50.00
Donor avatar Laureen Mainville $25.00
Donor avatar Charlie $25.00
Donor avatar Jun $20.00
Donor avatar Kayla LaFrance $20.00
Donor avatar anonymous $20.00
Donor avatar Liz $10.00
Donor avatar Mark Alberstat $10.00
Donor avatar anonymous $5.00


Laureen Mainville

Good luck & stay safe


Great Job!!! Looks AMAZING!!!

raised of $5,000.00 goal