24 Hour Bake-Off

fun fundraising idea 24 Hour Bake-Off

24 Hour Bake-Off COMPLETED

This was another mission we didn't raise enough to actually do, but we improvised on the road. We had an abundance of food and made sure whenever we found a team in need, to feed them. Pictured above is Team On The Run in the parking lot of Kazakhstan customs, where we were all trapped (& hungry!) for 10 hours. Also, whenever we ran into a gaggle of children from Kazakhstan onwards, we would hand out Larabars, of which we had hundreds. It was so lovely to see their smiles at getting a present, double so when they realized they could eat it!

24 Hour Bake-Off

Cara and Kristina love to bake. Be it cakes, bread, or random confectionery concoctions, we're baking fiends. We will bake as much as we can within 24 hours, fighting through exhaustion with sugar, and donate all the goodies to local homeless shelters.

This will happen before the trip begins on a date that will be announced once the goal is met.

The money donated will be used to buy supplies with the leftover funds being split between charity and team costs.



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